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Wednesday's are thankfully still kayak days, and Desmond and I went into the morning having no idea where to go. Just about every trip this season I try to get Desmond to choose the location. I do have to sometimes convince him not to go to the same spot we went to just 2 weeks ago, but other than that I have been trying to let him make the decision. It's always interesting to see wha...

Desmond asked last week that we go back to the waterfall park. Waterfall Park would be Oliver Mill, with its old waterways, dams and waterfalls on the Nemasket River. We kayaked this section a few weeks back, but it's a good trip so I had no issue with going back. This time, Emma and TJ came along for the ride, and boy was it interesting.




The put in was simple, as always. The little...

If you were to break up the Nemasket River into quarters, this would be the third quarter of it. Oliver Mill is a nice place to start right about at the halfway point of the full river. It’s a great little park located right on Rt 44, with ample parking and a great park to explore the remnants of the old mill and waterways surrounding it. Check out this great video I found of the mill...

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