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Solo on Snake River

6-6-21 Today I paddled solo on the Snake River in East Taunton. It was about 90 degrees today, so this was a hot one. I put in at the Scadding St bridge (275 Scadding Street, Taunton, MA). They recently put stone down to level the parking area by the bridge, but be cautious because they did not pack the stone, and it is easy to get stuck (I got the truck stuck for almost 30 minutes when I got back from paddling).

The river was smooth today. Water levels were not as low as I was expecting, which helped with accessing some areas that are not so easily accessible at lower water levels. I paddled up river to the upper portion which breaks off into a swamp wetland. It was about 2.5 hours up stream and back. Round trip

was 4 miles total.

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