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Pre-storm on Sawdy Pond

5-16-21 Powerhouse paddle across Sawdy Pond today. Put-in was at the Rt 177 site, a dirt boat ramp into the swamp inlet to the pond (35 American Legion Hwy, Westport, MA 02790). Water levels were quite high. If you don't know your way into the pond, it is very hard to tell this time of the year as the normally pronounced path is not as obvious. I have videos on my YouTube page that show how to access it, and also it is posted in other blog posts here at ACKayaking. Paddled straight across the pond to the large island on the far side. 3.25 miles round trip. The paddle back is almost always against the wind. Stay to the side if this is the case. Just watch out for rocks, as it is pretty shallow by the shore.

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