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Lake Rico with Des

6-5-21 It was a hot day today, so Des and I decided on Lake Rico. You can swim in its crystal clear waters, so the beaches that dot its shore are the perfect break spots for cooling down.

We put in at the parking area on Middleboro Ave (1232 Middleboro Ave, East Taunton, MA 02718). From here its a short carry down to the water.

We spent about 4 hours on the lake, most of which was spend relaxing on the beaches. We have 2 favorite beaches on this lake. On this day we spend most of it at my personal favorite, the Tree Beach as we call it, after the downed tree that has been there since we started paddling there about 10 years ago. The tree has since moved to block the beach, but it is still accessible and worth the paddle. Its at the far end of the lake from where you put in (41.873073806472036, -70.9936150554959). Check it out if your on the lake.

The wind was a little strong on the Furnace Pond side of the lake. I had to tow Des with his tow line to get into the pond proper. This area tends to be windy this time of the year. It can cause a bit of a cross wind across the larger section of Lake Rico. Something to be cautious about as you cross the lake.

Total trip was about 5 miles. Good times!

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