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Camping and Upper Nemasket and Fall Brook

4-25-21 Des and I went camping for a weekend at the KOA in Middleboro which is just on the side of the Nemasket River. We Drive upstream to the put-in at the Old Bridge St site (91-21 Old Bridge St, Lakeville, MA 02347). Water levels were high, and this gave us the opportunity to paddle up Fall Brook, which is usually not as accessible with lower water levels.

On big update, that I haven't posted about in the blog, is that Desmond has been paddling on his own, in his own Old Town Heron Jr for the past year. His skills have excelled quickly. No surprise given all his time paddling with me in my kayak. It really been a joy paddling around with him, and seeing how much fun he has now that he can be independent on the river.

Heron Jr. kayaks are hard to come by these days. Most of the market is steering away from sit inside kayaks for kids. I think Desmond is an exception here. I have taught him well over the years. I don't question his skills, or his ability to handle his kayak. Now he just has to continue to build his strength to be able to go on the looooong trips with his dad.

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