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Good day everyone. I know I haven't been blogging lately, but there is nothing to worry about. There have been many trips since the last post and now that I have a little more free time I will be uploading all the trip blogs that I have yet to post. It was a great season and we have put in 9 more trips since my last blog post. I will probably have a few more before I have caught up on blogging about each trip. This includes the landmark 80th trip on the water for my little man Des. That has put him in line to hit 100 trips by the age of 6. Warms my heart. I can't express enough the value of spending the time with your children, teaching them the sport and getting them both interested and intrigued by what paddling has to offer. It is rewarding in so many ways.

I will continue to blog here about our trips and have plans to expand the site a little further during the off season this year. I certainly hope my site has been useful to fellow paddlers as a navigation and information tool for looking into local paddling. I'm trying to do my part with getting people into the sport locally, and sparking the interest of potential newcomers. I have had the pleasure this season of introducing a little over a dozen people to kayaking and many of them are now hooked on the paddle. If any of you are interested in learning to paddle, or in a guided trip locally, or have any questions about local waterways please message me through the contact box here on and as always, keep paddling!

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