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Assonet River and Bay

Today I was heading out alone and decided to not bring the GoPro, but I switched it up and brought the Canon to take some pictures instead. Starting at the park, it is a quick paddle before you pass under the the bridge from Rt 24 and get into the open bay area. It was a really windy in the bay section, kicking up a good swell. I was heading into the inlet on the southern side which was protected from the wind. This is the inlet ending at Narrows Rd. which I have paddled many times. Ive mentioned this in other blogs about Assonet River, be sure you know what levels the tides are because there are parts of the river that you would not want to be at once the tide starts getting too low. Trust me when I say this from experience, you don't have to have to get out and pull though the thick mucky mud if you get stuck.. It is not fun at all.

I timed the tides right by leaving about an hour and a half before high tide. I was able to take my time, and once I finally we near Narrows Rd. the tide was high enough for me to make it all the way to the road with no problems. I spotted the usual blue and white heron, a few osprey, lots of geese, and a few good size fish. I also witnessed a 2 crabs fight to the death though, which was something I haven't seen out here. The 2 large crabs where right on the side of my kayak just fighting it out, clawing and pulling each other around. The larger one ended up tearing the other one apart, ripping its claws off. It was pretty intense to watch from above. I lost track of the 2 of them when the current pulled me away, but this whole bay is covered with blue crabs. They are everywhere.

I had loads of time to take pictures so it has a fun change of pace. I'll post my pictures below and a map of the trip so you know the track. I paddle back to the park where the ramp is, but I took advantage of the tide being so high and headed up to the Assonet River dam in the center of town in Assonet. I just made it under the arch bridges and was able to make it pretty close to the dam. From here I paddle back and paddled around the park a few times before heading in. Good time, and a nice quiet trip. Pictures and the map is below.