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We had an unusual 60 degree late November day today, so we got a chance to get another run in this year. By this point last season, it was getting way too cold to take Desmond out. Who knows if this will be the last trip of the year, and if it was I'm glad we had such a great time. Maybe we will luck out and get another nice day, but today we completely circumnavigated Lake Rico as we explored every inlet and secret spot.

Initially as we headed out, the wind was really blowing. 13-15mph constant wind heading directly in our faces made the lake choppy as we hugged the north end of the lakes. You couldn't avoid the wind here, except for the occasional inlet allowing us some reprieve. We headed to the first stop at the beach to do a little fishing and get a break from the cold waves splashing us.

From here we stayed on the eastern side of the lake and had to deal with the wind until we got to the south east end at Kings Pond. The reeds protected us from the wind, and the trees added to the shelter. Finally we were working our way out of the wind. From this point, we didnt have to deal with the waves, or the cold breeze. We made our way to the beach between Kings Pond and Furnace Pond. This was a good chance for us to get out and stretch our legs, and do a little more fishing before we headed for the second half of the run.

Furnace Pond doesn't have too many exciting things around it. You won't find any beaches on this end of the lake. A few walking paths the end at the lake which you can get out for, but aside from there you will not be getting out of the kayak at all over here. We stayed along the coast and made our way around, watching a few planes take off over the lake, from the airport just adjacent to Furnace Pond. On the northwest corner of Furnace Pond, there is an island that had a log bridge crossing over to it at water level. We took a brief break here before completely going around the island to the area on the other side of the log bridge where there is a deep inlet that we love to break in. There's a fire pit there, and a little spot for Desmond to get out and run around. We stayed here for about 15 minutes and then went on our way heading back north towards the entrance.

We took a second to head into the inlet with the giant peace sign painted on a rock. Desmond likes this spot. It gave me a few minutes to catch my breath before we headed out back to the truck. We passed through the small channel connecting the large part of the lake to the far north end is. The water was getting pretty close to going over the dam there at the north section. Much higher than it was last time we went on Lake Rico. It didn’t take us long from here to get to the truck. What a great time! Glad we got a chance to get out there one more time.


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