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Nice day for a ride. The tide was on the rise, and we headed to the Palmer for a nice slow run following the current up river. Jess joined us for the run, so the perfect day was inevitable.

We were hoping to catch some fall colors here at the end of the season. Much of the leaves had already fallen, though we did get to see some nice color. It was a cool 62 degrees, but in the river it is calm, windless and all you can hear is the trickle of the water and the birds and crickets.

We pulled a little ahead of the tide, and ended up having to scrape over a few fallen trees that the rising water hadn't covered yet. The current was moving pretty quick up stream. The leaves and sticks floating along in the water were moving at a good pace, nearly keeping up with our slow paddling. For this run, you have to take your time or you will be done in an hour. It is only a few miles round trip, so you have to take stops along the way if you want the trip to last.

We made it up to the tree which is the landmark that tells us how far the trip will be. We had beaten the tide up stream, and the tree was impassible this time. There wasn’t even a chance of us passing. The water really has to be at peak tide to manage your way past the tree. We didn't luck out this time. We had to turn around and make our way back to the truck.

We snuck into a few "secret spots" on our way back. The tide was rising, making some of the surrounding wetland accessible to us. Desmond likes to explore these areas, and they aren't always easy to get into. It was a struggle to get over some trees getting into a couple of them. That is really half the fun though, and one of Desmond's favorite parts.

Before you know it though, you are back at the overpass and pulling your kayaking out wishing the whole time this section of the river was a little longer. Desmond and Jess did a balancing act as I packed up the kayaks. We took a second to run down and throw some rocks in the river before heading our way back home. Great times! Hoping this season will allow me a few more runs.

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