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We took full advantage of the high tide today and put in about an hour before peak tide at Hathaway Park in Assonet. The tide was quite high, so I knew it would be a breeze getting all the way up Stacie Creek. Took us about 25 minutes to get from Hathaway to the mouth of Stacie Creek. The wind was blowing a bit so the open bay portion was a little choppy.

Once you hit Stacie Creek, the wind drops right off, and the water is as flat as glass. Making my way up the creek was a bit of a challenge in the 14' Pungo. Im used to making this trip in my shorty 8 footer, so making the corners around the windy stream was tough at times. But we made all the way up with no real trouble. In my video, I show the whole creek from the end point, back to Assonet River, so you can get a sense as to how it flows.

Ive made this trip when it wasnt high tide, and it can be a little more challenging. Anything lower than a half tide and you wont be able to make it all the way up the creek.

The ride back was nice and breezy. We stopped at Porter Pasture park on the way back, which is a little beach area, usually home to folks catching crabs. It was pretty empty today so we stopped to stretch our legs before last part of the trip.

Once we got back to Hathaway Park, we decided to go up river to the dam since the tide was still so high. You pass under a couple of stone arch bridges on your way up to the dam, and once again if its not high tide you cant make it up here. We made it right to the dam before turning around and heading back to the park.

Des always enjoys going here because it means after our long trip he gets to play on the swings and big tires before we head home. We both had a great time on a seriously hot run around Assonet.


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