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Camp Titicut bend.

6.35 mile trip down the Taunton River St bidge to the Church St bridge, which this season has become very overgrown in the put in area. This put in always seems to have more masquitos and poison ivy than most along the river. Be careful when using it this year, erosion has made the put in pretty steep this season.

There are 2 sets of rapids on this trip, one right at the Titicut bridge just after the put in, and another after the Vaughn St bridge, about an hour into the run. Both are about Class II. Just be cautious for bolders under the waterline while traveling through the rapids.

At about the half way mark, you will come upon Camp Titicut, a former boyscout camp, which was a indian settlement back in the day. There are some great trails if you wish to pull over and stretch your legs for a bit.

We were taking our time this trip, and the 6.35 mile downstream trek took us about 4 hours, including breaks, and a brief hike at the camp.

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