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I had been eyeing this river on the map for a while. It was off a section of the Taunton River that I dont normally travel by to often. But today, since I'm kayaking alone and don't have to worry about the time, I decided to take on the trip upsteam to finally get to explore the Winnetuxet River.

I started at the Summer St bridge put in, one of the best put in's on the Taunton River with easy access to the Nemasket River, along with traveling to the northern sections of the Taunton River (and it has great parking!).

The current was a little strong due to some rain we had recently, so the hour and a half of paddling upsteam on the Taunton was a bit of a task, but was well worth it once I saw the mouth of the Winnetuxet.

I'm a sucker for narrow rivers, and this was a treat. A deep cut channel, that at its widest was only about 10 feet, but mostly around 6 feet wide. The cedar wetland area was a beautiful sight full of butterflies and dragonflies of varying colors. It was like a wonderland.

The Winnetuxet was also running strong, and I still had to fight the current upsteam. I traveled upsteam for about an hour, for about 2.5 miles before turning around to head downstream back the long whinding route home.

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