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We went out to one of our favorite local spots today, the Palmer River. High tide is the way to go if you are taking this run. The Palmer River is riddled with downed trees, most of which you will be able to power over at the high tide mark. Anything lower, and you will struggle at a few spots to get up river.

Desmond and I made it up river about as far as we could go without having to portage. This is generally a short run. At one point, you will reach several large trees downed across the river which will not allow you to pass easily without a wet portage. The run itself is about 1.5 miles round trip. We try to extend it by exloring the many side streams and inlets that dot the river along the way.

One piece of advice, if you decide to venture downriver from the Providence St put in, be cautious. There is a rod and gun club literally across the river from the put in, and you will paddle across their shooting range area if you go down stream. The members always ask that you walk over first, and let them know you are about the go down river, and they will take a break so your not dodging bullets on your way.


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