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Snake River is a long, slow flowing river that travels between Lake Sabbatia, and Winnecunnet Pond. This trip we went up river, starting at the Scadding Bridge on the north end of Lake Sabbatia. This river earns its name, as it continuously winds withs way through the heavily wooded area around Rt 495.

At about the 1.5 mile mark, or just under half way up river, you reach a make shift bridge made up of 2 large steel beams that run across a narrow part of the river. This is where we normally turn around and start heading back after a break at the bridge. You can continue up river after the bridge and get yourself into the cedar swamp area of the river as you get closer to the Winnecunnet. This area of the river is incredibly hard to navigate. I have a video in my archive of the trip from the Winnecunnet down river, and you can see just how confusing the trek is. But the southern end of Snake River is a joy, and an easy paddle.


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