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Waiting for the tide to rise

Segregansett is a fun little river that flows off the Taunton River, in the area between Somerset and Dighton. There are 2 easy ways to get to this river. The first is at Dighton Rock State Park, and the second which I took on this adventure is at the Berkley/Dighton Bridge. Here they have a little park set up strictly for paddlers, with an easy put in and ample parking.

I went in at what I thought was going to be high tide, but I was actually off by about an hour, which caused me to have to hang out at certain sections of the river to wait for the water to rise so I could continue upsteam.

Once the river was high enough, I made it to the end point, a small dam a few miles up river. Once there, I took a few minutes to have some lunch then started heading back to the truck.

The area of the Taunton River where the Segregansett empties out tends to be a little tricky. Its one of the widest sections of the upper river, and is subject to some waves and currents because of this. Nothing that you will need to worry about, but if winds are high it could be a challange.


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