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This was going to be my last run of 2014. Its the beginning of December and its getting pretty cold out there. I decided to make the last of the season a big, challenging trip. As far as the Snake River goes, I had only really paddled the southern section of the river upstream from the Lake Sabbatia. I had read about this part of the river when reading about Metacomet, the Wampanoag Indian sachem also known as "King Phillip", and how he hid from the British in a cave in this area at the end of the King Phillip War. I knew that the cedar swamp made the head of this river a serious maze of branching dead end rivers. But, I had studied the map quite a bit, and I was ready to take it on knowing all the summer growth would be gone, making the trip a little easier.

I was right though, it was a dizzying maze of winding inlets, outlets, dead ends, and confusion. I absolutely loved it. Probably the best trip of the year for me. I will say though, I would not recommend making this trip in the summer because the brush would be to thick to pass in many spots this far up stream. Check out the video and you will see what I mean.


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