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Welcome to ACKayaking,         


For several years I have been canoeing and kayaking the waters of Southern New England. Based in the south eastern Massachusetts area, I have covered much of the original Wampanoag Canoe Passage along with various waterways including the Taunton River, Lake Rico, Assonet River, Palmer River, Nemasket River, Mattapoisett River, Segregansett River, Snake River, and more.


Early on when much of the area was a mystery to me, I found various blogs to be hugely useful in planning trips on waterways that I had yet to explore. Picture, maps, videos, and descriptions were all very helpful in allowing me safe passage. I have created this site as a useful tool to those who are venturing out on the local waterway. Hopefully my years of collected information will be useful to you when planning your trips in the area.


At ACKayaking, we also offer guided tours, lessons, and exploration events on local waterways. Please use the contact form on this page to sign up!


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